Spiderbomb is a state of the art AI Security and Defense system created by Sugar, a founding member of the wasteland daywalker group, affectionately and not so affectionally known as ‘Misfits Inc’.

Spiderbomb Misfits Inc

Initially, a tripwire explosive utilising a real spider web it evolved into one of the most advanced forms of self-replicating, self-improving AI ever put into practice. 

The most prolific model before autonomy was a Nano Spider that would lay its own tripwire web and used predominantly as a security, defensive or ambush device.

Early spiders could be controlled by humans and could follow orders as given remotely, although over time it became more constructive to have the brain away from the main and mostly disposable shell, thus leading to the Hive and one of the greatest practical advancements of AI we have known.

Now Spiderbomb is an autonomous cloud-based hivemind able to use its own knowledge and learning to create the most advanced covert defense, offensive, and infiltration devices imaginable. 

Micro, nanotech is the last understood form of construction for these tiny infiltration robots but since the Hive AI has progressed beyond the comprehension of human minds we don’t know anymore, and with the devolution of the planet it’s unlikely that we will catch up anytime soon.

All the spidermechs are operated and connected via several forms of wireless connectivity, from basic radio waves, 8g, Bluetooth, whatever is generally and mech specifically required. By using all forms of connection the Mechs communication becomes past proof as well as futureproof.

The brain of the system is cloud-based and is secured in a state of perpetual flux, a torrent of duplicated information that always splitting and moving its data to avoid destruction, hacking, and fault. In essence, its brain is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This makes it practically indestructible even with the internet in such a precarious state as the rumor is that the Hive has created its own separate backup servers.

Spiderbomb has not gone full Cellnet yet and still responds to the commands of the few who still have accredited accounts but the threat of a Terminator-like takeover was and is a realistic fear.

Worker spider mechs have the ability to create new models designed by the Hive Brain. Some even have the ability to alter themselves if required. 

There is no universal design as each bot is designed for a specific purpose, defense, entrapment, recognisance, etc, and is therefore made specifically for its mission. This is a natural waste saving algorithm developed by the Hivebrain, simplicity is more reliable than complexity even at this level.

This is not to say that a universal multipurpose mech does not exist, just that it is not usually required.

Spidermechs don’t always have a long intended lifespan as often their purpose as the name Spiderbomb suggests is to self detonate however there is far more to the Spiderbomb than just explosives. For example a century Spidermech might be posted somewhere indefinitely and as such requires its own source of energy. Solar is often the solution but all manner of natural energy sources are used to fulfill this purpose.

If the world hadn’t already burned from our previous mistakes it would only be a matter of time before it was because of this… We are lucky that the Hive seems secure and confident in its immortality and self-preservation as otherwise, we might be witness to the AI version of the Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene.